WS 13: The World of Podcast (English)

Welcome to our course 'The World of Podcast'! Here, we explore together the world of podcast production for kids and adults, with the added opportunity to empower and give voices. Alongside creating our own podcasts, starting from exciting topics to the very first episode, we'll also cook and eat together during lunchtime, fostering a sense of community.

We'll brainstorm captivating stories, delve into personal experiences, and learn how to conduct great interviews, empowering each participant to share their unique voice. Along the way, we gather a wealth of new knowledge.

In the production process, we use professional recording equipment, combined with user-friendly editing software. Join us and witness how exciting podcasts come to life from ideas!

No prior knowledge is required. The course fee is 5 euros per child.

Age Recommendation: 12 and above

Language: English

Course Details: Mai 4, 2024/10:00 - 14:00/ 6 Spots

Email for registration:

Der Kurs findet am 04.05.2024 statt. Uhrzeit: 10:00–14:00 Uhr

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